When handling your Benefit Review Conference, our firm will thoroughly communicate with the claims adjuster, the risk management department, the injured employee’s supervisors and co-workers, doctors, the injured employee or their representative, the Division and/or others to discuss and determine the issues, facts, positions of the respective parties, possible resolution if applicable, and future litigation options.

When we receive your file, we will organize and summarize the medical reports and records, draft a summary of the issues and relevant facts, make pre-hearing exchange of documents, conduct thorough legal research, make recommendations to the claims adjuster on what other investigation/evidence is necessary to defend the case under the Texas Labor Code, DWC Rules and appeals panel decisions, round-table ideas with all involved parties, and take any other further action necessary to represent your interests. After the hearing, we will immediately draft a detailed summary of the hearing and make recommendations to the claims adjuster on further litigation action.

DWC Rules

Appeals Panel Decisions

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