Designated Doctor Analysis Submissions

Our law office can help you get the best possible report from the Designated Doctor.  When a Designated Doctor is appointed to resolve issues in your cases, it is critical that you submit an analysis along with medical records to the Designated Doctor.

At your request, our office will complete the DWC-32, draft and send an analysis letter to the Designated Doctor, obtain the medical records, put the medicals in chronological order, mark up the most important parts of the medicals, summarize all medicals, detail the injured employee’s job description, submit relevant parts of the Medical Disability Advisor and the Official Disability Guidelines, summarize relevant Appeals Panel decisions, summarize and send video tape(s) to the Designated Doctor and more.  We will also monitor and verify if the injured employee attended the examination, as well as monitor for receipt of the Designated Doctor’s report.

Ricky and Steven are experienced and trained in all levels of the Designated Doctor process.  Both have worked with the Division in closed meetings and “focus groups” to improve the Designated Doctor process, and have the experience of sending effective analysis letters to the Designated Doctor.

If you would like our firm to complete a DWC-32 and prepare a Designated Doctor Analysis letter, please contact at:  or complete our request form today.

Post Designated Doctor Required Medical Examination (Post DD RME) and Medical RME submission

If the insurance carrier or self-insured disagrees with the report of a designated doctor, our law firm can handle the post-designated doctor Required Medical Examination (post-DD RME) on your behalf. A post-DD RME can be requested to address any issue that the designated doctor was asked to address. The insurance carrier or self-insured my request a Required Medical Examination for the appropriateness of health care received if it would like to address whether treatment is reasonable and necessary. RMEs for medical treatment are not available to network claims. For both post-DD RMEs or RMEs our firm can fill out and submit the DWC-22 form as well as summarize the medical records into a letter to the RME doctor.